Storytime will be returning in August!

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My name is Rusty and I'm the host of Storytime on

My Paranormal interest began many years ago, when I saw a colored, full body apparition of my Grandmother's friend walk through our house.....she had come to say goodbye to my Grandmother. 

After realizing the woman I saw was not my Grandma I dove back under the covers and heard a very calm peacefull sounding man's voice say "its just Katherine, she's come to say goodbye".   

I was instantly no longer afraid.



Storytime is about reading, books, knowledge & sharing information.    Books will be read by me, and you the audience can share your thoughts and opinions and most important of all...your experiences.

Books read will be on most any subject, ranging from: Angels, Guides, Magic, Tarot, Paranormal, etc.

When possible, I will have the author of the books I choose, on as guests, to talk about their experiences and their book.

Storytime is also expanding to a show where people can share their own personal "story", such as their first psychic experience, or their first paranormal experience, or the first time they became a skeptic of the paranormal or of psychics....etc.


TIME: Sundays 4:00 pm EST/3:00 PM Central

THEME: Exploring the world of books

HOST(s): Rusty Leeann Woehrle



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