Angel Magic by Margaret Neylon.

The Wisconsin Haunted Road Guide. Purchase by clicking HERE

Field Guide To The Little People. Purchase by clicking HERE

The Encyclopedia Of Crystals by Judy Hall. Purchase by clicking HERE

Chakra Clearing by Doreen Virtue

Everyday Tarot Magic be. Author's Website can be found HERE

A to Z Dream Dictionary by Pamela Ball. Purchase by clicking HERE

Kick Ass Dancing Goddess by Diana Dorell

Connects by Katrina Rose

Moon Magic by DJ Conway, purchase by clicking HERE And be sure to visit the Author's website by clicking HERE.

Everyday Tarot Magic by Dorothy Morrison, purchase by clicking HERE Be sure to visit the author's website by clicking HERE.

Animal Spirit Guides by Dr. Stephen Farmer. Purchase by clicking HERE. Be sure to visit Stephen's website by clicking HERE.

The Angel Bible by Hazel Raven. (Be sure to visit Hazel's website to see what other great books she has available), which can be purchased at Hazel's website or by clicking HERE.


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